Elite Heating and Cooling Installed a whole house humidifier for Justin.

“I learned of Elite through a friend of mine who has used their services before.  I called and talked to Tom, and I asked him a few questions about humidifiers because I’d heard positive and negative things about having them (someone told me they cause mold, which was not true), and since I have a little girl at home with eczema, and we were running a humidifier in her room, I thought it would be a good idea.

Tom asked me about the equipment I had currently, and said it would be no problem to install a unit (house was built in 2002).  We made an appointment to schedule the work, and he showed up right when he said he would.  It was kind of wet and rainy outside, and every time he made a trip to his vehicle for another tool or something, he took his shoes off and left them by the door so he wouldn’t leave tracks all over the carpet.  He had the whole job done in a little over an hour and a half.  He was very neat, cleaned up after himself, and then showed me how to use it, how to set it, and when it should be turned on/off, and when the filter should be changed.

While he was there, he also did a quick tune-up of my furnace (which I hadn’t done in about 3 years), which made me eligible for a rebate through consumers.  I think it was $50 or so.  Since the unit has been installed, I have had no problems with the eczema, and I’ve also noticed I don’t get shocked when I touch a doorknob in my house!  That ALONE was worth the money 🙂

I’d have no problem recommending Elite to anyone; in fact, I recommended them to one of my customers (I’m a roofing contractor) when they had a leak on their condensation pump on their furnace, and he got her fixed up the next day!

I also called Tom when I had a problem with my NEST thermostat, and he knew exactly what the problem was over the phone, and I got it fixed in about 10 minutes (over the phone!) and it was no charge. Best in town.

 –  Justin Reynolds

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